Cinéma Féministe – The Face / La Face / OBRAZ

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 | Razstave

Exhibition: Cinéma Féministe – The Face / La Face / OBRAZ
Location: Cinema Zavod Udarnik, Maribor (SI)
Date: November 11 & 25, December 9, 2010

Curator: Evelin Stermitz

Artists: Duba Sambolec, Michelle Handelman, Ana Grobler, Liana Zanfrisco, Kika Nicolela, Vesna Bukovec, Alison Williams, Angelika Rinnhofer, Donna Kuhn, Iris Selke, Grace Graupe Pillard, Dominique Buchtala, Guerrilla Girls, and Evelin Stermitz

From the data base of the video programming online platform ArtFem.TV, a monthly selection of works is screened at the cinema Udarnik in Maribor, Slovenia. The selection of works is chosen each month on an issue of contexts in the feminist field by Evelin Stermitz.

Program for November and December 2010
The Face / La Face / Obraz

Various women artists are including their own face as an iconographic object and symbol bearer in their art works, or using the face of others, the former photographic portrait, transcending into the moving image. This video series addresses variant meanings of the woman’s face in a context of women’s issues when embedded in a socio-cultural heritage. The face can be seen as more then a signifier of our cultural norms, in the context of women often foregrounded not only as indicator for individual remembrance, not only associated to cultural norms such as beauty stereotypes, objectification of commodified women in advertisements, and not only as a surface for self-creation when mirroring the self to others, but read as political text and statement in a broader context.

Program Cinéma Féministe, November-December (pdf)

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Endless Game

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