Facing the Artwork

Monday, May 30th, 2011 | Razstave

Exhibition: Facing the Artwork, Video Art and Short Film Fest
Location: Werkleitz–centre for media art, Halle (Saale) / ZAZIE kino & bar, Kleine Ulrichstrasse 22, 06108 Halle (Saale), DE
Date: June 9-12, 2011

Curators: Virág Bottlik, Eike Berg, Radmila Joksimović

Yuri A (CH), Dávid Adamkó (HU), Adrian Alecu (RO), Marta Azparren (ES), Sebastian Blank (DE), Neno Belchev (BG), Dorota Buczkowska (PL), Vesna Bukovec (SLO), Inez de Coo (NL), DOPLGENGER (Isidora Ilić & Boško Prostran) (SRB), Petko Dourmana (BG), Laura Garbštiene (LT), Déborah Ghisu (FR), Florian Graf & Fabrizio Fracassi (CH/DE), Hanna Haaslahti (FI), Anne Hartog (NL), Christian Hornung (DE), Janne Höltermann (DE), Jirí Janda (CZ), Hacer Kiroglu (TR), Vanessa Nica Mueller (DE), Jeroen Nelemans (NL), Christian Niccoli (IT), Kika Nicolela (BR), Vladimir Nikolić (SRB), Laurence Payot & Juan Morard (FR), Johanna Reich (DE), Urssa Severa (RU), Malthe Stigaard (DK), Eszter Szabó (HU), Zoran Todorović (SRB), Julia Willms (DE), Pál Zolnay (HU)

By his particular position in society an artist is always an artist – even while walking down the street or performing other daily activities. Public, viewer or audience on the other hand one can only become while perceiving, receiving art. The public does not exist outside the context of art – but can the context of art exist without recipients? Is the applause in the theater necessary to call the performance complete? Could the orchestra play a concert just for itself? Or to turn the question around: to what extent does the artist let the idea of an audience influence the conception and execution of his work?

A compilation from over 400 entries from all over Europe illustrates the different aspects of art reception. The works, selected by an international jury, are shown in thematic blocks, accompanied by other curated works and talks with the artists.

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Program flyer

I am participating with the video Lecture (Contemporary Art for Parents)

Lecture (Contemporary Art for Parents)

Program for Saturday, June 11
21:00 Screening and afterwards artist’s discussion
ME? / ICH?

The title could also be emphasized with an exclamation mark, because the programme asks for self reflection. However, the question of the (artistic) Me mostly generates a thoughtful search, no matter how humourous or experimental it might be. The question of the self enables the spectator not merely to be a voyeur.

Introduction to the programme: Eike

  • What Do You Think Of Me? – Kika Nicolela, 2009 BR, 16 min
  • Dresden Hand – Neno Belchev, 2010 BG, 8 min
  • Maria – Eszter Szabó, 2010 HU, 2 min
  • Lecture (Contemporary Art for Parents) – Vesna Bukovec, 2002 SLO, 8 min
  • Film about Unknown Artist – Laura Garbštiene, 2009 LT, 11 min
Slovensko | English

Vesna Bukovec deluje na področju sodobne vizualne umetnosti.

Je članica umetniške skupine KOLEKTIVA.