Art in a Suitcase – Between Image and Mind

Thursday, November 10th, 2016 | Razstave

Projekt: Art in a Suitcase – Between Image and Mind, potujoči projekt in kuratorska predstavitev
Lokacija: Galeria La Sandia, Fundación Fertilizando El Esfuerzo, Mexico City, MX
Datum: 17.–24. 11. 2016

Umetniki: Vesna Bukovec, Gani Llalloshi, Eva Petrič, Günther Selichar, Astrid Sodomka, Franz Wassermann, Tilen Žbona
Kurator: Vasja Nagy H.

Arte en la maleta

Kurator Vasja Nagy nadaljuje s svojim projektom Umetnost v kovčku. Tokrat je s kovčkom, polnim umetniških del, odpotoval v Mehiko.

La Huella Grafica, Oaxaca City, 12. 11. 2016

Galería Tu Mamá, 4ta Privada de Emiliano Zapata No. 42-1 La Asunción, Xochimilco Centro, 7. 12. 2016

Casa de La Cultura San Rafael, Rosas Moreno 110, esquina Francisco Diaz Covarruvias, 06470, Ciudad de Mexico, 8. 12. 2016

Centro de Artes y Oficios Tepito, Rivero 12, Peralvillo, Morelos, 06200 Ciudad de México, 9. 12. 2016

Galeria La Sandia, Fundación Fertilizando El Esfuerzo, Mexico City, MX, 17.–24. 11. 2016

O projektu (v angleščini):

The exhibition is a selection of 8 established artists from Slovenia and Austria that have already achieved recognition by national and international art critics as well as appreciation by public. The artists belong to different generations and follow different approaches to artistic expression. It is a strong conscience about the bond between (re)presentation and single and collective mind in society that connects work of these artists. They share some kind of an activist attitude which they use in a delicate way; they are never aggressive or rude. They rather express themselves from a personal, sometimes directly from intimate space, and personally address spectator as a member of society or a single element in complexity of the universe.

Art in a Suitcase is a project and attitude of a curator who travels with artworks suitable for presentations in various forms. Sometimes they break rules of traditional aesthetic values but still follow the rules accepted by the contemporary art world in general. Artworks have in the history always been a medium for handing over some kind of message; some kind of containers, physical manifestations of ideas. The form of an artwork fits its content and technique in which it is executed is sometimes merely aesthetic issue, other times is a symbolic expression in a same way like other symbols like colours, shapes or compositions. Content can be sometimes easy to decipher but mostly is fully comprehensible only through a contemplation and study. The position of a curator between an artwork in the audience is to take care that the ideas move in both ways i.e. the artworks reach the audience and audience finds a place for artworks in their lives. A curator can offer a simple or complex explanation or present one possible interpretation that triggers the imagination to search for own way to unpack the artwork like would one unpack a suitcase to reach for its content.

Vasja Nagy

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Vesna Bukovec deluje na področju sodobne vizualne umetnosti.

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