Alla Ricerca dell’Aura Perduta / In Search of a Lost Aura

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Exhibition: Alla Ricerca dell’Aura Perduta / In Search of a Lost Aura
Venue: Galleria Regionale d’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Spazzapan, Palazzo Torriani – Via Marziano Ciotti 51, Gradisca d’Isonzo, IT
Date: Side A: 10 March – 4 April 2018, Side B: 7 April – 3 May 2018
Opening: Saturday, 10 March 2018 at 6 pm

Curator: Paolo Toffolutti
Artists: Marina Abramović & Ulay, Diane Arbus, Bruno Baltzer e Leonora Bisagno, Glenn Brown, Vesna Bukovec, Jeff Burton, Diego Caglioni, Larry Clark, Sabine Delafon, Silvia Donini, Luciano Fabro, Ann Hamilton, John Hilliard+Jemima Stehli, Annibal Lopez, Iva Lulashi, Urs Luthi, Francesca Martinelli, Juan Munoz, Joseph Nechvatal, Sini Pelkki, Tadej Pogačar, Koka Ramishvili, Stefano Serretta, Jim Shaw, Davide Skerlj, Laurie Simmons, Jemima Stehli, Cesare Viel, Tanja Vujinović, Andy Warhol, Clemens Wilhelm, Valerie Wolf Gang, Metka Zupanič


The exhibition is part of an international project entitled L’Occhio Irresponsabile / The Irresponsible Eye organized by the cultural association Neo from Udine. The project includes three exhibitions. Besides Alla Ricerca dell’Aura Perduta / In Search of a Lost Aura (curator: Paolo Toffolutti), a solo exhibition Andreja Kulunčič: Different Voices (curator: Antun Maračić) and a group exhibition Omnia ab Uno: l’Artista come Sciamano ed Etnografo / The Artist as Shaman and Etnographer (curator: Josip Zanki).

About the exhibition

In Search of a Lost Aura is a contemporary art exhibition about the visual injunction we are forced to face in this second modernity we are living in. An exhibition that goes from sixties until now, with 70 works of art of accomplished as much as unknown and emergent artists. Works that analyze the topic of the screen-facade, of the representation and negotiation of the look between subject and other. A mediation that passes through the screen – Alice in Wonderland – of the media, always more intelligent and independent. A device that we used to use to address others, and that now is turned inside out. A screen that, instead of building relations, incarcerates inside a web. A world wide web that bounded the entire planet. Since we live in a present always more rapid, timeless, made of wide spaces and narrow moments, the resetting of time and duration has completely transformed the anthropological meaning of human relations, the surround and other’s perception. The title of the exhibition and its contents ambiguously recall this new proustian or Spilbergian temporality, combined with the concept of aura expressed by Walter Benjamin in its 1936’s essay; its loss and, nowadays, its reconstruction, or new virginity, in the digital era. From Andy Warhol to Alberto Vidissoni, like from everybody to anybody. A mental map inside a cultural and political geography, for many still to be explored.

Paolo Toffolutti

L’Occhio Irresponsabile / The Irresponsible Eye (pdf)
Press release Alla Ricerca dell’Aura Perduta (pdf, in Italian)
Fb event

I am participating with two series of drawings: I promise to change the world but only if 10 other people will do the same and I am aware of the possibility to be misunderstood and video Personal Advice

Na-poti / In-On the Way exhibitions

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Exhibition: In-On the Way. Migrations of Fear and Story Time
Venue: Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška (KGLU) and public places, Slovenj Gradec, SI
Date: October 12 – December 3, 2017
Opening: Thursday, October 12 2017, at 7 pm

Under the joint title NA-POTI (IN/ON THE WAY) two exhibitions Migrations of fear and Story Time will take place in Slovenj Gradec. Both are focused on the theme of migration, refugees, people’s personal stories and experiences as well as on their consequences for both the political and economic image of Europe and the mental framework of the people and the citizens of Europe.


Curatros: Katarina Hergold Germ & Andreja Hribernik
Artists: Kim Albrecht, Nika Autor, Vesna Bukovec, Lana Čmajčanin, Nadine Kaadan, Jure Markota, Jalal Maghout, Škart

Story Time emphasises the significance of knowing the cultural histories of various nations and milieus, for it is precisely this knowledge that represents the first common point on the way towards understanding other cultures arriving in Europe with migratory flows. The invited artists will reinterpret cultural histories and cultural contexts from both European and Arabic worlds. They will emphasise questions related to postulates such as humanity, peace, war, good and evil, and, at the same time, they will interrogate the role of the individual and thus also the individual’s responsibility towards fellow human beings. The invited artists will convene workshops in pairs. In the workshops, they will use dialogue to develop new interpretations of traditional motifs in the light of the migrant crisis. Although some of the presented artworks touch upon global issues, most of the participating artists approach the topic from the individual’s position and experience of the present situation. At the residency the artists will present their working methods and the issues they have been tackling as well as the starting points for the newly conceived works, which will be included in the Story Time exhibition (12. 10., KGLU), which will be on display under the umbrella title of In/On the Way.

Exhibition Story Time is supported by Creative Europe programme.

Curators: Ilina Koralova & Boris Konstadinov
Artists: Azra Akšamija, Nika Autor, Lana Čmajčanin, Plamen Dejanoff, Petja Dimitrova, Juliane Ebner, Dejan Kaludjerović, Luiza Margan, Emil Mirazchiev, Alban Muja, Oliver Ressler, Ute Richter, Kamen Stoyanov, Škart, Borjana Ventzislavova & Mladen Penev, Clara Wildberger

Fear is a basic, natural, defensive reaction to danger, which could reveal itself in acts of aggression, surrender, or retreat. However, in contrast to the inhabitants of Nature, fear has a much wider range of manifestations among human beings: from the mere physical annihilation of the bearer of the alleged danger to the more subtle ways of expression, such as hatred, prejudices, intolerance. Human fear could be justified, but also illusory, a symptom of a mental disorder or a result of some kind of manipulation, exerted on an individual by other individuals. It is not only psychological, but also social phenomenon, and, as such, it belongs to human history and society.
The 21st century, marked by the events of 9/11, gave worldwide rise to an ever-growing fear and anxiety, that were unknown to some extent to the western societies at the time, and that have recently taken unprecedented proportions, due to the terrorist attacks in Europe, the refugee wave and the subsequent humanitarian crisis. Various researches have shown that migration and terrorism are what the Europeans now fear most. However, fears of unemployment, of the deepening social inequality, of personal failure or financial ruin have been lurking in the old, as well as in the newly-born, capitalist societies for decades. The refugee wave only gave one last powerful impulse, which unlocked what has already been suppressed, more or less, for some time. Instability and constant threat gave impetus to the nationalist and far-right movements. The scepticism about the concept for a united Europe has intensified among the population of the EU member-states.
This is where the project Migrations Of Fear takes its starting point. It evolves around the real, phantom, individual or common fears in general, which have surfaced in the last few years. Those fears, and above all the ways the contemporary (European) society could find in order to defeat them, are the spheres, which the project intends to explore.

International Multidisciplinary Cooperation Project Graz – Plovdiv – Slovenj Gradec – Leipzig.

At the exhibition Story Time I am participating with a new series of drawings Birthmark (2017) which will be exhibited in public space.

Photo: Nika Hölzl Praper, Vesna Bukovec

Exhibition opening, photo: Nika Hölzl Praper

more photos

“I’ll always be there. Always.”

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Exhibition: “I’ll always be there. Always.” Media representations of characters, pop and contemporary art
Venue: Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje, SI
Date: July 21 – October 1, 2017
Opening: Friday, July 21 2017, at 7 pm

Curator: Maja Antončič

Participating artists: Vesna Bukovec, Jure Cvitan, Tomaž Črnej, Gašper Kunšič, Tomaž Tomažin, Nika Oblak in Primož Novak, Iza Pavlina, Mark Požlep, Adrijan Praznik, Arjan Pregl, Oliver Pilić, Andrej Škufca, Manja Vadla, Mladina magazine (covers 2016, 2017)*

I’ll always be there. Always. It’s not the powers. Not the cape. It’s about standing up for justice. For truth. As long as people like you are out there, I’ll be there. Always.” – Superman (Action Comics, #840)

A good sixty years have passed since the glittering images of advertising ads, star icons and film entered the field of art for the first time. The exhibition at hand attempts to show just how skilfully the references of media content and similar culturally interesting phenomena of everyday contemporaneity are being abbreviated by artists today. However, in contrast to the presentations of “pop art”, which would relate to this specific direction of art particularly through historical connotation or association both in terms of form and content, it is the character, as the bearer of the popularization of cultural content and mass consumption that stands in the forefront of the exhibited projects. The emphasis is on using the well-known language of the mass media, which presents various semantic challenges, supported by the chosen character in the artwork. The character is in this case the player who already blurred the borders between reality and fiction in his original existence, but now constructs additional messages and creates a field of reflection or criticism within the context of contemporary art. Thirteen artists draw from an extensive dictionary of media images, online social networks, from the narratives of film and advertising, as well as the marketing apparatus. They speak of the “heroes” of contemporary society that fill our everyday zone of the visible and the perceptive. They are joined by a selection of covers of the Mladina magazine, whose authors – along with some other artists in the exhibition – satirically change the “heroes” into “anti-heroes”, and less frequently the other way round.

Excerpt of the curatorial text by Maja Antončič

Full text

*MLADINA – design: Damjan Ilić, Tomaž Lavrič, Ivian Kan Mujezinović, Fabrika Sarajevo – photography: Uroš Abram, Borut Krajnc, Matjaž Rušt

I am participating with videos from the series White Performances / Positive Affirmations (2010) and video Moje sanje, lepo stanovanje / The Happiest Apartment in the World (2010)

Beli performansi

Moje sanje, lepo stanovanje

Photo: Ana Straže
More photos from the opening

Afghanistan – Slovene Views

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Exhibition: Afghanistan – Slovene Views
Venue: Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Metelkova ulica 2, Ljubljana, SI
Date: April 25, 2017 – March 30, 2018
Opening: April 25, 2017, at 6 pm

Curator: Mag. Ralf Čeplak Mencin

The exhibition opens up new views of the land of Afghanistan, its rich cultural history and heritage, although the decades of conflict that began in the late 1970s have dramatically reshaped its cultural landscape and affected its people. The exhibition has been prepared by Ralf Čeplak Mencin, MA, the curator for Asia, Oceania and Australia at the Slovene Ethnographic Museum.

More about the exhibition

Part of the exhibition are three stories from the series I am a Refugee (text: Widad Tamimi, drawings: Vesna Bukovec). The three stories Pegasus, Haideri, An Afghan Man and 42 Family Members have their focus on Afghan refugees. They will be presented in Slovene and English language.

Na krilatem konju / Pegasus


Afganistanec in 42 družinskih članov / Afghani and 42 family members

La Fine del Nuovo / The End of the New

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Exhibition: La Fine del Nuovo / The End of the New CAP. XIV Compra, Vendi, Compra, Vendi… / Buy, Sell, Buy, Sell…
Venue: Villa di Toppo Florio, Via Morpurgo 8, Buttrio/UD, IT
Date: April 1 – May 1, 2017
Opening: April 1, 2017, at 6 pm

Curator: Paolo Toffolutti
Artists: Vesna Bukovec, Maurizio Ciancia, Davide Grazioli, Zlatko Kopljar, Olson Lamaj, Antun Maračić, Bruno Morello, Petra Mrša, Pantani-Surace, Gioacchino Pontrelli, Oliver Ressler, Vivianne Van Singer, Jelena Vladušić, Regan Wheat

The project brings an itinerant exhibition of contemporary art with the title The End of the New that is going to be organized for a year in various Italian towns as well as in Ljubljana and Zagreb throughout the years of 2016-2017.

More about the exhibition (pdf, in Italian)
Press release (pdf, in Italian)

I have already participated in La Fine del Nuovo / The End of the New CAP. III edition.
At CAP. XIV I am participating with several video works:

Slovensko | English

Vesna Bukovec is a contemporary visual artist based in Slovenia.

She is a member of the art group KOLEKTIVA