Endless Game

Single cahnnel video
Year: 2006
Duration: 00:01:32

Contemporary advertising no longer directly sells products, it sells emotions, desires and fantasies. Advertisers teach us how we have to look and behave to be competitive in today’s world.

Most of the advertising uses eroticism as the primary force of attraction. Who is the target audience, male or female? Even if the product is made for women, the imagery addresses both sexes. A woman has to buy the product that will transform her in such a way that she can enter a man’s fantasy. And a man has to buy some other product to attract women that look and act like the ones in advertisements. The endless game of seduction is present everywhere. In case we forget, the first advertisement will remind us.

Slovensko | English

Vesna Bukovec is a contemporary visual artist based in Slovenia.

She is a member of the art group KOLEKTIVA