Contemporary Art for Parents

Year: 2002
Type: installation
Material: prints, texts, video; various dimensions

Contemporary Art for Parents

How does one explain contemporary art to parents?

I organized a “lecture” (see video). I tried to explain to my parents the key moments in the history of art that in my opinion are the most significant for the development of the art of today. We also talked about the art market, institutions and evaluating problems. Then we reviewed an anthology of contemporary art (Art at the Turn of the Millennium, Taschen 1999) and talked about the works presented.

Both of my parents have their own field of interest. My mother is interested in biodynamic agriculture. My father is interested in the construction and production of various practical objects related to our house. From each one of them, I presented six prints of their products.

I gave them different books on contemporary art related to their field of interest and asked them to review them. Then I asked them to pick out some works they liked and explain why (also six prints from each one).

I also asked them to write two texts each. In the first one they were to explain why they are interested in their field. In the second they wrote about their feelings about our cooperation (whether they think it was successful and if they think that now they better understand contemporary art).

My Mother

My mother’s text about her activities

My mother’s text about our cooperation

My Father

My father’s text about his activities

My father’s text about our cooperation

Text: Minimal Differences by Denise Carvalho, catalogue of group exhibtion Minimal Differences, 2010

Photos from the exhibition Minimal Differences, White Box, New York, 2010

Minimal Differences, White Box, NY

Minimal Differences, White Box, NY

Minimal Differences, White Box, NY

Minimal Differences, White Box, NY

Minimal Differences, White Box, NY

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