My mother’s text about her activities

In the fall of 2001 I joined the local association for bio-dynamic farming and gardening “Ajda” (buckwheat).

There is a lot of information around about the use of pesticides and the “poisoning” of grains, fruits, and vegetables. A lot of people are becoming sick because of that. I felt that if I followed the rules for gardening from “Ajda”, I could contribute a bit to a better quality of life on Earth and share my findings with my children and grandchildren.

The “Ajda” association has the basic task of re-establishing balance and improving the composition of the soil with natural preparations and nourishing plants with herbal teas. In all cases it is necessary to consider the moon seed-calendar. Only by considering that calendar are good results (healthy crops) possible.

“Demeter” is the highest award a farmer or a gardener can get for farming or gardening by the “Ajda” association rules. I used to buy some grains and vegetables from “Demeter” farmers (in our association three farmers have already won the award). The taste is so good, it is beyond comparison with any conventionally grown vegetables.

My love of soil and gardening originates from my childhood. My parents used to have a big field and a big garden around the house as well. I had to work in the field and in the garden during all of my school vacations. My father was very strict and he preferred finished work outside the house more than the work inside.

Our field was about 2 km away from our house. In my walk to the field I used to go through a long promenade planted with mysterious big old trees. At the end of the promenade was a small forest; behind it extended our field and you could see the Alps in the distance.

I went there during vacations to dig up the potatoes and to cut the hay. Sometimes I was sad, because the neighbor kids could go to the swimming pool, while I had to work in the field.

Now that I have my own family and my own garden for many years do I remember the beautiful experiences I had with the haymaking and harvesting. I look forward to my imminent pension when I will have more time for gardening.


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