Year: 2006
Type: photography & installation
Material: light boxes (310 x 200 mm), prints, various dimensions

In the solo exhibition “Nakupovanje/Shopping” I showed the work “Big Shopper” which was first exhibited at the exhibition “Fragmented Show” in the gallery C/O Careof in Milan, Italy. This exhibition was a final group exhibition of the participants of the Advanced Course in Visual Arts 2006 in Como, Italy.

The work “Big Shopper” consists of six prints in light boxes. Each print presents my memory of a shopping experience abroad (Austria and Italy) from my childhood in the time of socialist Yugoslavia. A short story is accompanied by a photo. All photos are re-creations of my memories except for one which is taken from our family album and shows my whole family on top of a mountain looking happy and proud of our achievement. I have used this photo as a perfect metaphor for my feelings related to our shopping trips.

In the exhibition “Nakupovanje / Shopping” in Simulaker Gallery I have widened my research of the emotional aspects of shopping. I am interested in the relationship between shopping, desire, memory, happiness, creativity and identity. I have presented the results of my research in the form of a diagram.

I have invited my friends to participate in short interviews in which I ask them about their memories of shopping in the time of socialism, their feelings on shopping today and their present shopping habits. The interviews were presented on large format prints.


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