Washing is healthy, a clean body is the virtue of a civilized person

Year: 2010
Technique: edition of 100 posters, 50 x 70 cm; edition of 900 stickers, Ø7cm

For the occasion of the exhibition AT HOME: Architects France and Marta Ivanšek in the Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana I have produced an edition of 100 posters with drawings borrowed from the book France Ivanšek: Single Family House, published by the author in 1988.
The poster is for sale in the museum shop of the Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana (Moderna galerija).
Dimensions: 50×70cm, price: 15 EUR

A series of water resistant transparent stickers with 9 different motifs from the same book, each edition of 100, is also for sale at the museum shop.
Dimension: Ø7cm, price: 5 EUR per sticker

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