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Single cahnnel video
Year: 2003
Duration: 00:00:54

I have edited a popular evening news from a Slovene commercial TV station. The news is led by a couple of hosts; while one is reading the other is silent. I edited the video in a way that both hosts are silent all the time. They either look at each other or at the papers on their desk. The video begins and ends with the official intro of the newscast.

The video is a parody on today’s television news form, where everything is communicated in an almost hysterical manner. As we have so many instant news and reports of affairs from all over the world all the time, the evening news becomes in a way almost like a soap opera. Every day we hear some new juicy detail about stories that have been going on for weeks or even months. We hear about things that don’t concern us at all and we are no longer sure if we can believe the news of the things that actually do concern us …

The ultimate news is no news at all. In other words, nothing has happened today.

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