Why Do I Do This?

Single cahnnel video
Year: 2001
Duration: 00:03:18

The statements of Andy Warhol in the background are mixed with TV images and sounds (from movies, documentaries). Warhol is answering different questions about his art. His answers are playful and not very serious. Some statements are emphasized with subtitles.

Andy Warhol is for me one of the key artists who is “responsible” for the situation of contemporary art. His statements are arguments for any kind of activity within art. Activity and production in art are not necessarily clear and transparent; they can be totally confused and meaningless. To the question “Why do you do this?” you can always answer with Warhol’s “I don’t know.”

The video was awarded with “special mention” at the video contest “Fair-Play” which took place in Play gallery, Berlin 2003.

Slovensko | English

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