You can do it!

Year: 2010
Duration: 00:02:47

The video consists of scrolling text and static image in the background. The text is compiled from various advertising slogans of famous international brands. Combined into a body of text these singular statements form new meanings with almost poetic conotations. It all sounds very nice and familiar. But the fusion of a beautiful scenic landscape slowly fading in and out in the background with the ominous soundtrack creates a strong contradiction and puts the kind harmonious text into perspective. The video is a critique of the omnipresent advertising strategy of promising happiness and success – the wonders of contemporary times. The words are only empty promises used for seducing and soliciting consumers into purchase in order to feel good about themselves. This personal persuasion strategy is emphasised with the title, which is composed from the famous slogans ‘just do it’ and ‘yes you can’.

The video was made by invitation to participate in the FemLink‘s video collage on the topic of wonder.

Slovensko | English

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