Vesna Bukovec: I am not bothered with the end of the world

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 | Exhibitions

Exhibition: Vesna Bukovec: Briga me za konec sveta / I am not bothered with the end of the world
Venue: Simulaker Gallery, Novo mesto, SI
Date: 9 – 31 March 2018
Opening: Friday, 9 March 2018 at 7 pm

Curator: Anja Zver

Vesna Bukovec, Briga me … / I am not bothered …, drawings on a paper roll, detail 2018

I am not bothered with the end of the world (Briga me za konec sveta) is the title of the exhibition featuring works by Vesna Bukovec. In the selected works to be seen at the Simulaker Gallery, the author presents a critical view of the militant attitude of political systems to migrants, the tragic attitude of the individual to the fellow human in need of help, the populism, i.e. “Fake-news” and hate speech. Some graphic prints and drawings at the exhibition are a clear response to the current developments in the Western world, linked to the refugee crisis and political and social protests over the past two years (In search of freedom (Ecce homo)ExploinationNot im my name etc.) and to recent election of the president of the United States (Democracy Today).

Already with the title I am not bothered with the end of the world, the exhibition addresses us individuals who create a modern society, and through the selection of past and new works of art Vesna Bukovec raises questions about the visions of contemporary society: questions about (non)humanity, harmony, empathy, acceptance of the other, diligence, questions about one’s own political role, hatred, poverty, despair, disparities.

Excerpt from the text by curator Anja Zver

Solo survey exhibition with works about refugees.
Exhibited works:

Two new works are presented: Briga me … / I am not bothered …, 19 drawings on a roll of paper and Sweet Oblivion, handmade chocolate bonbons with messages.

Curatorial text (pdf, in Slovene only)
More about exhibition (in Slovene only)

Thanks: Simona Žvanut,, Zavod Projekt Atol


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Adapted version of the exhibition project was also exhibited at:

Photos from the opening

Exhibition view
Photo: Kaja Gorjup

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Vesna Bukovec is a contemporary visual artist based in Slovenia.

She is a member of the art group KOLEKTIVA